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Open Data

Public Datasets and Feeds

The datasets and feeds listed below are are available for your use and classed as "open" (see definition and licence below). We will be adding to the available datasets so please check back

You are free to to adapt, copy, distribute and transmit the data and should you develop any useful applications you may wish to submit for use by a wider audience. (|Please follow the code of conduct).

Available Datasets

|Event RSS

|News RSS

|RSS iconPetitions (open) RSS

|RSS iconPetitions (closed) RSS

|RSS iconPetitions (rejected) RSS

|RSS iconVacancies RSS

|winzip iconElmbridge Borough Council Spending over 500

|csv iconSenior Management Salaries CSV

|csv iconPayment to Suppliers

|csv iconMembers Allowances and Expenses paid between 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011

|csv iconBusiness Rates


|Data.gov.uk - opening up Government - includes a number of available Elmbridge Data sets

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Licence Conditions

You can use this data in a wide variety of applications and we licence in accordance with the |same licence as the governments data website. All the data is available under the |UK Open Government licence which allows sharing and reuse for commercial purposes.

The data can be used with any |Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

A list of councils which have open data is published on the |Openly Local and the data.gov.uk websites.

Data formats used

We use the following data formats on this website

CSV - Comma separated values csv icon
RSS - Really Simple Syndication RSS icon
PDF - Portable document format pdf document
WINZIP - Zipped WinZip icon|opendata icon

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