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You Said, We Did Examples

Elmbridge Borough Council encourages feedback and consultation with residents. A key part to this is listening to what residents say and responding with the actions we are taking.

Some examples of changes we have made:

Housing Benefits
We asked residents to suggest ways we could improve our Housing Benefits service. You said you were unhappy that you had to wait on the phone to get through to us during busy periods.

We Did: We therefore improved the telephone system, so that you are now kept informed which place you are in the queue and during these busy periods additional phones lines open up.

Trips to Grundon
We asked how we could engage residents in efforts to improve recycling. You asked to see how our recycling gets filtered at the depot.

We did: Due to the high number of interested residents, we organised two trips to Grundon, the Waste Disposal site in Leatherhead. |See the photos from the visit.

Local Taxation
You said our online single discount form did not have all the options to select from when requesting a discount of Council Tax.

We did: We updated our form so all the options are now there and we are adding a link to the booklet to make it easier for you to complete.

Pest Control
We asked how can we could improve our pest control service. You said - add squirrels to the pests we treat.

We did : We therefore introduced a |squirrel treatment for domestic loft space.

Improvements to website
We asked how can we improve the website. You said you were having trouble finding certain web pages

We did : We added 'hard to find' web pages to our search facility- making it easier for users to find the web pages. We are constantly trying to improve our website so |your feedback is important.

Let's Talk Elmbridge
We asked how we could improve our accountability to residents. You asked us for more information on what the Council spends its money on.

We did: We arranged four 'Let's Talk Elmbridge' meetings and published all of our |financial information online

Sending Texts to Taxis
We asked minicab and taxi licensees which was the preferred/most effective way to communicate with them. You said - Text messaging

We did :We are now using text messaging to convey succinct messages to the minicab and taxi trade.

Catering Courses
We asked - For feedback from businesses regarding our Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Course. You said - Businesses did not want to spend their resources and a full day out of the workplace again, once their original certificates had expired.

We did: We introduced a Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Refresher Course at a reduced cost incorporating a workbook, some self-study followed by a two-hour session only at the Council Offices.

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