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Elmbridge Cycling Strategy - Executive Summary

The Elmbridge Cycling Strategy is reviewed on a regular basis in order to keep it up to date as policies and practices change, at National, County and Borough level.

Elmbridge Borough Council advise the County Council on local issues such as cycling on Common Land.

The strategy covers a range of cycling issues including:-

  • An outline of the latest position on cycle policies at National, County and Borough level.
  • A look at the work done to date in providing cycle routes and other cycling facilities in the Borough.
  • A review of the current levels of cycle usage at National and Local level. Also presented is data covering levels of cycle ownership, percentages of journey split and cycle casualty rates.
  • Key Objectives and Main Policies of the strategy.
  • Initial Action Areas are presented, together with explanation of the details and a proposed timetable for implementation.
  • Finally specific proposals for the future are considered, together with the development of the Borough Network of Cycle Routes and the County Council's Safe Routes to School Challenge Project.

Include within the Strategy is the first Borough Cycling Network Plan which shows both existing and proposed on and off road routes.

Prior to its launch in June 1998, the strategy was been the subject of detailed consultation. Initially the draft document was reported to the main service committees of the Council, prior to being circulated to a wide range of organisations and groups.

Copies of the Strategy are available for public inspection at the Civic Centre. The Borough Network Plan is currently under review and being updated. This page will be updated when the Plan is available.

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