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Sustainable Community Strategy 2006-2015

The Elmbridge Community Partnership worked with stakeholders to develop the |Sustainable Community Strategy, which aims to improve quality of life in the Borough of Elmbridge.

The strategy sets out a vision of an Elmbridge:

  • with safe and healthy communities, vibrant town centres and a strong local economy;
  • with better transport connections, plenty of community facilities, affordable housing and efficient public services;
  • with a thriving and inclusive Borough which integrates all sectors of the community;
  • where those with extra needs of whatever kind can better access support from their communities;
  • where there are reducing inequalities and people are able to make the most of the opportunities open to them;
  • which retains its attractive, green and unique character and where the communities work together to reduce the impact of modern day living on our environment.

Together, we can work with you towards making Elmbridge an even better place for current and future generations.

Performance on the Sustainable Community Strategy is reported regularly to the |Elmbridge Community Partnership Board.

For more information, please contact the |Corporate Policy and Partnerships team.

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